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You can't visit Marseille without visiting Le Panier. It is the major attraction of Marseille.

It is the oldest district of Marseille. With it began the history of Marseille.

Le Panier (the basket) is settled on a hill of the center of Marseille, its narrow interlaces streets lead to pleasant squares. We can have a walk there to know better the culture and origin of Marseille, have a drink on a terrace and go around the streets, discover craftsmen and creators from Marseille who open their doors to you.


Being in Le Panier is like being in an authentic charming village of Provence while forgetting to be in the crowdy city center of Marseille, a village always alive with its inhabitants coming from various waves of immigration. The typical old façades are colored, the streets are full of flowers thanks to its careful people. Have a look to the street artwith beautiful frescoes.


From place to place, we can perceive the sea like on "Rue du Petit Puits", a street in the core of the old city, drink an “apéro” on a terrace their allowing you to take advantage of the sun very late or to have lunch in place de Lenche, a square with a fantastic view over the church “la Bonne Mère” or on the fabulous monument “La Vieille-Charité” in the square place des Pistoles.


Visiting Le Panier is easy to do when you want to visit Marseille in one day.

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Things to do in Marseille : the old city Le Panier

Vieille Charité au Panier Marseille - Visiter Marseille

A 16e century building, home for poor people during centuries until his transformation in museum by the City. Museum of archaeology and museum of contemporary art

Le passage Lorette au Panier Marseille

Passage Lorette

One of Le Panier entrances from the street “Rue de la République” coming from the tramway and the subway. A very picturesque passage between Haussmann buildings making a total change from the city to the village of Le Panier.

La place des moulins au Panier Marseille

The oldest place in Marseille was historically covered with mills on the square that kept the name. The square dominates Le Panier and offers a peaceful stopover on benches. 3 mills are still there, there became part of houses

Place des Moulins

La rue du Panier à Marseille

Rue du Panier

One of the main streets if Le Panier which goes from the square "Place des Treize Cantons" to the square "Place des Moulins".

Rue du Petit Puits au Panier Marseille

The street crosses Le Panier since the street “Rue de Lorette “ that ends in the city center “Rue de la République” until the Museum Mucem and the square “Place de Lenche” . You will find in this street the house where was born the great architect Pierre Puget.

Place des pistoles

Place des Pistoles

Large square welcoming terraces of numerous restaurants. Pleasant lunches under the shade of trees. In frint of the Vieille Charité museum

Street Art Panier Marseille

Street Art

Le Panier is becoming one of the world places for Street Art expression. All over Le Panier, you will find very nice art graffitis 

Place de Lenche au Panier Marseille

Place de Lenche

A large square with fantastic view over Notre Dame de la Garde, the Church of Marseille. The theater Lenche is an old place where popular plays are acted.

Place du refuge

Rue du Refuge

Picturesque street crossing the district on its height.

The street crosses the big place of the Refuge and ends in the Place des Pistoles with the Museum La Vieille Charité



banane femme velours
sac banane velours femme.webp
Poster Marseille - Trois Fenetres - LPM.
Eglise des Accoules

Eglise des Accoules

This church is one of the oldest of Marseille. It dominates the district of Le Panier.

Montée des Accoules au Panier Marseille

Montée des Accoules

One of the points of entry into the Panier district from the Old Port. There is the courtyard of the Accoules

Intercontinental Marseille

Hotel-Dieu Intercontental

Since its renovation, it dominates the Old Port of Marseille at night with blazing lightings of its 20 vaults. It is originally the hospital which worked until the 70’s. After numerous years of restoration, it is now a 5-star hotel.

Hotel de Ville Pavillon Daviel au Panier Marseille

Pavillon Daviel - Hotel de Ville

Between the Hôtel Dieu and the Old Port, we can find the monument Hotel de Cabre and the Pavillon Daviel.

La cathédrale de la Major au Panier Marseille

The Cathedral of The Major is one of rare bishop's palaces not to be facing east. Its baroque style looks like Notre Dame de la Garde. Its monumental outside aspect cuts with the sobriety of the inside. On August 15th a big procession starts on the Major and goes inside Le Panier to celebrate the Virgin Mary.

Eglise Saint Laurent au Panier Marseille

Eglise Saint-Laurent

A small sober church that is arched in the inside with a sightseeing view on the Old Port of Marseille from its esplanade. It is from there as well that we can go inside the Mucem museum with the new footbridge.

Mucem, Musée des civilisations Européennes et Méditerranénnes

The new national museum inaugurated for “Marseille 2013 - European Capital of the Culture” offers a new cultural area and leisure activities for inhabitants of Marseille and visitors. Two monuments form Mucem. The former Fort Saint Jean was rehabilitated and fitted out for a cultural walk on its various places with typically Mediterranean botanical gardens and numerous places to rest.  The modern Mucem, European and Mediterranean civilizations Museum, block made of glass and grey-blue concrete moucharabieh that make it vanishing in the maritime horizon. A true architectural and cultural success for the new coast of Marseille. 

The most beautiful moment for the visit is late afternoon when the sun adorns the Mucem with a orange color, and when the light crosses the sinuous moucharrabiehs on the roof of the museum. Discover photos of the Mucem photos and the actual exhibitions.

The Coquer's Cave on the J4 esplanade is a remarkable attraction that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. This 1750m2 reproduction of the famous cave, which is located in the Calanques a few kilometers away, is an opportunity to discover the beauty and history of this emblematic place.


Guide and Maps to visit Le Panier in Marseille

We offer 3 different paths in the old city Le Panier from the city center and the Old Port of Marseille that we are used to take when friends or family come over.

Le Panier Marseille Map n°1

From the Tramway Sadi Carnot until Mucem when you can take the Bus to go to Notre-Dame (click to open)

Le Panier Marseille

Le Panier Marseille Map n°2

From the Tourist information center and the Old Port of Marseille until the Mucem going through Place de Lenche avec reaching the Bus going to Notre-Dame (click to open)

Plan du Panier à Marseille

Le Panier Marseille Map n°3

From the Tourist Information center and the Old Port of Marseille until the Mucem going through place du Refuge reaching the Bus going to Notre-Dame (click to open)

Carte du Panier Marseille


Boutique de cadeaux

Concept store

Restaurant - Le Clan des Cigales - Le Pa


Shopping - La Petite Fleur - Ceramique -


Expo Bavarlo Mucem.webp

10 MAI 20223- 04 SEPT 2023





Esplanade J4

Exposition à la Vieille Charité

Tuesday to Sunday

Vieille Charité

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