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The Cosquer Cave at the gates of the Panier, on the J4 esplanade is a remarkable attraction that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. This 1750m2 reproduction of the famous cave, which is located in the Calanques a few kilometers away, is an opportunity to discover the beauty and history of this emblematic place.

Go back to prehistoric times

The visit immerses you in the conditions experienced by the first explorers of the cave. You're above the sea, and the bridge takes you to the reconstructed diving club from the time the cave was discovered in the 80s.

From there, you will dive 37 meters under the sea in an elevator shaped like a diving chamber, for a direct trip into prehistory, more than 30,000 years before our era.

The Cave Casquer is known for its natural beauty and its remarkable geological formations. The reproduction in a modern building of the J4 esplanade recreates these elements, allowing visitors to contemplate the striking stalactites and figures that characterize the original cave. The designed lighting adds a magical ambiance to this reconstruction, making visitors feel like they are actually inside the cave. A fabulous 35-minute course awaits you.

Then head to the amphitheater for a documentary broadcast that traces the history of the cave discovery by Henri Cosquer and his companions.

The history of the Cosquer Cave is also showcased in the Gallery on the third floor. Historical information, objects, reproductions and explanatory panels allow visitors to learn more about the formation of the cave, its archaeological importance and the unique discoveries made there.

Life around the Mucem and the Cosquer Cave

The J4 esplanade is popular with locals who like to come there for fishing or to have an aperitif with a breathtaking view of the setting sun, in summer it has become normal to see young people taking a bath in the pool and diving from the rocks of Fort Saint-Jean in a good-natured atmosphere.

Le J4 Marseille

Your visit of the Cosquer Cave

As said above, the best way to visit the Mucem is to combine the visit with a walk in the Panier. You will find several itinerary suggestions that pass through the Panier and end at the Mucem with maps of the Panier district to load on your mobile.



Full price 16€

J4 Esplanade



10am - 7pm

Tramway Sadi-Carnot

Métro Colbert

Through le passage Lorette

Bus 49, 60, 83

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