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The Mucem has been the emblematic National Museum of Marseille since 2013, the year of Culture in Marseille. A major architectural work of great beauty that opens the Panier district to the Mediterranean. A perfect place to stroll in Marseille that we present to you in photos.

More than a national museum for Marseille

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations was born for the launch of the European Capital of Culture in Marseille. This work is a success in more than one way. It is a unique architectural work with its concrete mesh which allows the modern building to be confused with the sea and the open water, The restoration of Fort Saint-Jean has made it possible to open this beautiful monument to the public and the appropriation of the place by the people of Marseille and visitors with many cultural and festive events.

Passerelle Mucem

Photos : Concept Store Trois Fenêtres

The Mucem is made up of two buildings, the former Fort Saint-Jean, completely restored and fitted out to house a Mediterranean garden, offer some of the most spectacular views of the Old Port of Marseille and the open sea, temporary exhibitions and concerts in summer like Plan B.

Les jardins du Fort Saint-Jean à Marseille

The typical walk to this monument passes by a discovery walk of the Panier old town, where one begins by strolling through its narrow and colorful streets then taking the direction of the Saint-Laurent church to pass by the first footbridge. The Fort Saint-Jean then opens on the Place d'Armes, you can discover its gardens, its passages and corridors and temporary exhibitions in some rooms.

Passerelle du Mucem

We discover at the end of the Place d'Armes a second footbridge which overhangs the sea and leads to the roof of the museum. You can admire the Frioul's islands (there is a café and free chairs) and go down quietly through the corridors that run along this monument made of glass. An original view of Marseille is offered to us through moucharabiehs, this concrete mesh inspired by Moorish windows.

Couloirs du Mucem à Marseille
Toit terrasse du mucem à Marseille
Mucem Marseille

Life around the Mucem

The museum and the J4 esplanade are popular with locals who like to come there for fishing or to have an aperitif with a breathtaking view of the sunset, in summer it has become normal to see young people taking a bath in the pool and jump from the rocks of Fort Saint-Jean in a friendly atmosphere.

Baignade au Mucem

Your visit of the Mucem

As said above, the best way to visit the Mucem is to combine the visit with a walk in the Panier. You will find several itinerary suggestions that pass through the Panier and end at the Mucem with maps of the Panier district to load on your mobile.


Free entrance in the building, courtyard and floors

Exhibit : 11€

Free the 1st sunday of the month.

Now showing​ : Barvalo, the gypsies

10 may 2023 - 4 sept 2023


The photo are courteously provided by the shop Trois Fenêtres in the Panier


from Wednesday to Monday

10am - 19pm

Closed January 1st, Mai 1st, November 1st, December 25th


The Mucem and Fort Saint-Jean

Tramway Sadi-Carnot

Métro Colbert

Through le passage Lorette

Bus 60, 49, 83

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Visite du quartier du Panier


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J4 Esplanade

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Tuesday to Sunday

Panier district

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The Mucem in Marseille
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