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Who we are

The website The Panier de Marseille is born from the desire to make known the wealth of Marseille starting with its oldest district, Le Panier. This district has been in constant motion for several years with the installation of many inventive and daring artisans, creators, tradesmen and restaurateurs.


The objective is to make known what Marseille and Le Panier have more original to offer in landscapes, monuments, small recesses, and to propose in shops, concept stores, restaurants and bars, as well as to diffuse the cultural events and associations which make Le Panier alive.

Ce que vous trouverez dans ce site

The Panier is the oldest district of Marseille with many alleys in which we invite you to wander. You will find things to see and do when visiting the neighborhood. Exclusively, we provide you with a loadable route on your Google Maps to browse the neighborhood without missing anything.



On the site The Panier de Marseille, you will be informed of cultural and festive news with concerts, exhibitions and events organized in season but also in the heart of winter Marseille.



This site is in constant motion, we add daily events and new places to discover.



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