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A variety of shops and galeries are gathered in Le Panier offering the possibility of a responsible shopping in Marseille.

Concept Store Marseille

Handmade - Fashion - Decoration

In this store, the handicraft, the fashion and art are unificated.

Handmade design for the jewelry and shirts, photography as well as hand made from Mediterannean countries and from far countries.

5 rue du petit puits   13002 Marseille

Boutique de Bijoux Marseille
T-shirt made in Marseille
Cadeaux Marseille
Vrai savon de Marseille

Handmade - Accessories - Decoration

A selection from the Marseille clothing designer Elisa Falbala: clothes, hats, jewelery, leather or textile bags, ceramics, wood, decorative objects ... all made by exclusively local designers.

10 rue du Petit Puits   13002 Marseille

Savon de Marseille Petanque
Savons 72 Petanque
Savon 72 Petanque
Atelier Céramique et Créations - Boutique Céladon Le Panier Marseille

Handcraft - Decoration

The Celadon workshop is both a place of creation and transmission. It mixes exchange and know-how. Ceramists, mosaicists, jeweler and designer gather around the same passion for the handmade and the unique piece.

40 rue Sainte Françoise   13002 Marseille

Bijoux Francine - Atelier Créateurs Celadon
Atelier Celadon - Décoration - Artisanat Le Panier
Atelier Celadon - Céramique - Bijoux Annie
Santons de Provence - Arterra - Le Panier Marseille

Santons de Provence

Santons de Provence creation workshop whose existence in Le Panier dates back to 1996. Arterra combines tradition and modernity with santons that can be designed for both christmas and decoration.

15 rue du petit puits 13002 Marseille

Créations Santons de Provence - Le Panier Marseille
Artisanat de Porvence - Atelier Santons Arterra Marseille
Les véritables santons de Provence - Arterra - Crèche de Noel

Hanmade - Fashion - Accessories

UndArtGround - Shopping au Panier - Conc

Street Art - Accessories

Decoration - Vintage

Vintage shop - Second hand


Custom sneakers


Organic cosmetics

curios le panier marseille.jpg


Creations - Fashion - Accessories

Tattoo shop


Ethnic creations

terre inca marseille.png

Latin America

Atelier clothilde Marseille.png

Jewelry - Decoration

Soap of Marseille


Decoration - Accessories

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-07 a las 12.


Petanque game


Knives handcraft

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-07 a las 16.

Soap of Marseille

Shopping - Typo du Panier - Le Panier de

Print workshop




Artistic association





Tout le shopping
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