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Atelier Céramiques

The Céladon workshop is at the same time a place of creation, sale and transmission. He mixes trades and know-how. Ceramists, mosaicists, jeweler and designer gather around the same passion for the handmade and the unique piece.

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Multidisciplinary space

The celadon workshop attracts the eye of tourists in search of local crafts. It is a craft Made in Marseille: a sharp know-how in the service of a creativity.

All the creations presented in the celadon workshop are realized on the spot in the various workshops.

It is a multidisciplinary space.

Organized in association, the collective of artists gathers 7 people of any age and any nationality. We speak 6 languages ​​...


Sibylle FLOURET - Creator of contemporary jewelry in gold and silver metal. His jewelry is fine, precious, delicate and subtle inspired by nature: necklace, earring bracelet

Francine JONGSMA and Ana ROMMEL - They create very refined mosaic jewels from material such as silver and gold leaf. Necklace, ring, brooch

Charlotte COURALEAU - She uses dishes, plays with patterns and graphics to create her own mosaic, which she declines on rings, necklaces

Claudia SERANTES - Her jewels are assemblages from precious or semi-precious stones or small objects of the past that she diverts with a lot of poetry

Tehua DESSENOIX - Her ceramic jewels are very delicate with a meticulous and very fine decoration. She proposes rings, earrings ... All her creations are unique pieces.

Annie COMBE - Her colorful faience jewelery combines earth and glass: ring, necklace

Tables by Anna ROMMEL

Her tables combine wood, preferably oak with pieces of gold mosaic, creating a beautiful contrast between the softness of wood and the preciousness of the mosaic. They are mounted on a metal frame whose dimensions can be made to order.

by Charlotte COURALEAU

These are suspensions, small tables or boxes made from pieces of broken tiles whose graphics and color are plant-inspired. His pieces with very soft colors can be integrated in any place of life.


Objects from the past abandoned and recovered such as an old coffee maker, a kettle or a couscous are diverted into lamps with a very poetic decor

Porcelain cups buy Annie COMBE

Made by pouring, the coffee and tea cups are tinted in the mass pastel colors. They are glazed inside, leaving outside the porcelain "biscuit".

Opening hours

40 rue Sainte Françoise, 13002 Marseille

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