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Le Mucem - Le Panier de

April 24th - Sept 2nd 2019


Jean Dubuffet

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) is the inventor of Art Brut and a major actor of the 20th century in the art scene.

Controversial, the artist puts into play a radical critique of the art and culture of his time, making the constantly renewed invention the pillar of creation and thought. He will borrow from anthropology, folklore or the field of psychiatry, continuing the decompartmentalization activity carried out by the avant-gardes of the inter-war period, dynamite the belief in a supposedly primitive art and opens new creation paths.

This exhibition shows how Jean Dubuffet interweaves in his work his painting and writing activities with the research he has devoted to what he calls the Art Brut. It presents his artistic production in all its diversity, paying particular attention to showing the objects and documents resulting from the surveys that it has implemented by visiting ethnographic or folk art museums, but also various collections dedicated to " the art of fools ".




June 20th - November 12th

from Tuesday to Monday



Mucem museum

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