OCTOBER 11th 2017 - FEBRUARY 4th 2018

"Nous sommes Foot" : We are Football | Exhibition Mucem


What if we forget all our prejudice on football ? suggests the Mucem museum with a new exhibition " We are Soccer " " We are Football" dedicated to the game.

What if we returne to the sources of a sport which, is damaged by the " football business ", stays before anything else a popular practice and a passion, capable of gathering a group of friends, uniting a district, a whole city or a whole nation, beyond the social and political boundaries which, every day, persist in dividing them. What if we dare to attach to the word "football" the adjectives "social" and "cultural" and "politic".

By the provocative title "Nous sommes Foot" (We are Football), Mucem suggests that everybody is concerned by football games, even those who are not a fan. Nobody can deny that football is the most popular sport in the world.

In the streets of Marseille or Paris, in the ports of Istanbul or Athens, in the suburbs of Algiers or on the beaches of Málaga, Football, the popularity of which remains unequalled, welds the peoples of the Mediterranean Sea. And if sometimes it sends back an image of a world of division, violence, racism and fanaticism, it is because this sport reflects our societies with the darkest side they can produce as well as the brightest side.

By letting in the ball enter  inside with "Nous sommes Foot", Mucem pays tribute to the peoples and to the civilizations of the football games as well as to the cultural and social practices which follow it, in the Mediterranean Sea as in Marseille.

With 300 works, objects, photos and installations, " We are Football" play the game with 11 sequences and the exhibition can be visited in 90 minutes.




Wednesday - Monday

11h - 19h





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