1st - 17th AUGUST 2019



Plan B returns to Mucem this summer with lives, shows and open air cinema. Outings to Marseille for our greatest pleasure.



Exhibit from 10am

Shows starting 8:15pm


What is Plan B ? It is a second plan when you won't go to the beach or when you're looking for something to do during summer in Marseille. Invented 3 years ago, tt has now become a major event for people of Marseille, looking forward to it outdoor parties and cinema at Fort Saint-Jean: shows and performances (music, circus, dance, banquet), concerts and live electro, and cinema under the stars.


Every day, visit the museum from 10am to enjoy a range of cultural colors: unusual visits, workshops, cinema, books and readings ... Not to mention that Plan B is also: practice in the art of idleness with a moment of reverie in full sun as to offer a magic drink with a view of the big blue from the ramparts of Fort Saint-Jean.

Fort Saint-Jean (access from the bridge)


Thursday 1st August : Lives

Mayra Andrade (tropical pop)

Pongo (tribal pop)

Johan Papaconstantino (oriental electro-pop)

DJ sunset Victor Kiswell


Saturday 3rd August : Lives

Nu Guinea (Disco-funk)

DJ Guts (Electro-funk / hip-hop)

Voilaaa sound system (Afro-disco-funk)

DJ sunset Miréló sound system


Friday 2nd August : Lives

Clara Luciani (French Pop)

Muthoni Drummer Queen (Electro hip hop)

La Chica (Nuevo pop)

DJ sunset Victor Kiswell


Sunday 4th August : Lives/Exhibit

Rami Khalifé ( Experimental Piano)

Victor Kiswell (Dj set)

La Fabrique des illusions (Exhibition)

(Free entrance)

Open Air Theater at Fort St Jean

14 August : Isle of Dogs - Wes Anderson

15 August : King Kong - Ernest B. Schoedsack et Merian C. Cooper

16 August : Jusqu’au bout du monde de Wim Wenders

17 August : Les chants des villes (the songs of the cities)  – Evening with short and medium films

Free - Original Version with subtitles

See program 

Plan B it's also exceptional events around music, dance, banquet and circus

Wednesday 7th August : Soirée cirque contemporain

Acrobatic performances, virtuoso balancing, aerial duet ... Fort Saint-Jean hosts a new colorful evening dedicated to circus arts, with show of Zoog (Amir et Hemda), Optraken (Galactik Ensemble), et No/M(Simon Carrot / La Tournoyante Production)


Thusrday 8th August : Ciné-poèmes

In partnership with Dodeskaden, Diffusion Laboratory. Telemach Wiesinger, a German filmmaker, photographer and lab technician, presents three of his multi-projection, live-sounding shorts.

Designed according to travels in Europe and shot in 16mm in a sumptuous black and white that does not hide materiality, his films are populated by architecture and maritime or industrial landscapes.

(Free entrance)

Friday 9th August : Troc culturel et bal populaire

Friday, come and trade your CDs, vinyls, DVDs, books, and other cultural items at a large market at Fort Saint-Jean. From 18:30, the market becomes a dance floor, with the large modern ball and offbeat Big Ukulélé Syndicate !

(Free entrance)

Saturday 10th August : Sleeping at the museum

The Mucem becomes the theater of singular artistic experiences before an unusual dodo and a new awakening in the box of the museum. On the program of the night: a table-landscape, sounds to listen, a whispered karaoke, conversation games, star observations, a piano, a double bass and a drums, readings and performances, yoga waking up ...


Sadam - Imarham -Mucem Plan B 2018 - Mar