1st - 31 AUGUST 2018



The Mucem announces 496 hours of programs outside the tracks, for all ages and all tastes! If, like us, you enjoyed the 2017 edition, this year promises to be rich in beautiful evening to brighten our summer in Marseille.

Plan B presents outdoor parties at Fort Saint-Jean: shows and performances on Wednesdays (music, circus, dance, banquet), concerts and electro live Thursdays, open ait theater under the stars on Fridays, and surprising readings on Saturdays .


Every day, you can go to the museum from 10am to enjoy a range of cultural colors: unusual visits, workshops, cinema, books and readings ... Not to mention that Plan B is also: practice in the art of doing nothing with a moment of reverie under the sun as to offer yourselves a magic drink with a view of the big blue from the ramparts of Fort Saint-Jean.

Wednesday 1st august: opening

Sarah Maison (oriental electro-pop),

Imarhan (rock touareg)

Bachar Mar-Khalifé (electro-rock)

Ammar 808 & The Maghreb United (electro-targ, electro-gnawa, electro-raï).




from 10am to 11pm and sometimes more


Fort Saint-Jean (bridge access)


Every Thursday in the month of August, Plan B will show you live artists of the new French electro scene.

Thursday 2nd august

Scratch Massive / Irène Drésel

A mystic-planing evening with the mesmerizing electro-pop of Scratch Massive for an exceptional 2:30 DJ set, followed by the live of the great Irène Dresel, who preaches her shamanic techno on stage with flutes and percussions.


Thursday 16 August : Holy Two / Aphrodite

We celebrate the electronic delights of love with the feminine duo Aphrodite and her little soul, hip-hop and new RnB pearls, and the sacred electropop of Holy Two, the most creative couple on the scene today.


Thursday 9 august : BLOW / UTO

Discover the best of the electro scene "made in France" with the sweet pop of UTO and the surreal electro-pop of BLOW.


Thursday 23 August : Agar Agar / Buvette / Saint DX

Synthés, long necks and funky beats. Eighties revival atmosphere with Saint DX's post wave, Buvette's cold wave and Agar Agar's disco acid techno.


Fridays Plan B : Open air theater

3 août : Benda Bilili ! by Renaud Barret et Florent de la Tullaye

10 août : Hair by Milos Forman

17 août : The Lunchbox by Ritesh Batra

24 août : Le Cirque by Charlie Chaplin


Plan B is also exceptional events around music, dance, banquet and circus

Wednesday 8 August : Danc and musice 

La Déclaration

from Sylvain Groud et Naïssam Jalal

An evening between dance and music with La Déclaration, a piece for five dancers and five musicians, by choreographer Sylvain Groud and flutist of Syrian origin Naïssam Jalal. Preceded by a surprise solo.


Wednesday 15 August : Grand banquet

Bal and dîner by Emmanuel Perrodin

With chefs Emmanuel Perrodin and Gérald Passedat, a gastronomic summer banquet to celebrate the art of living well, eating well and dancing well! A convivial and tasteful event proposed in relation to the exhibition "Eat in the eye" which highlights the French at table in two centuries of photographs.


Mercredi 22 août : Cirque 

Pelat de Joan Catal, Copyleft de Nicanor de Elia, Bal Trap de La Contrebande

Performances acrobatiques, jongleurs virtuoses et voltigeurs téméraires, au programme de cette soir.e consacr.e aux arts du cirque, avec les spectacles Pelat du Catalan Joan Catal., Copyleft de l’Argentin Nicanor de Elia, et Bal Trap de La Contrebande.




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