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Tea room in Marseille - Veggie restaurant in Marseille

Brunch My World

Tea room - Brunch

Brunch My World is a restaurant, a tea room and coffee shop in Marseille. It is located in an unusual place, hidden somewhere in the old town of Marseille.

Twice a month, they do a thematic vegetarian brunch about a country. Like this the brunch has backpacked in Mexico, Thailand, the States and India. 

Next brunchs, the 14 and 28 of April.

Every week-ends, Brunch My World opens its tea room and coffee shop in Marseille, and offers several flavoured organic teas, hot and fresh drinks, as well as homemade pastries.


This is the perfect place to let it go and other Marseille.

The place is revealed little by little after booking online.


The location is secret. It is revealed little by little until the big surprise reaching there,

The place is hidden downtown, in the Old town between le Vieux-Port and la Joliette.

Only with reservation, online


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